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419 Scam Example: "Mega Magic E-mail Lotterie / MegaMagic Foundation / Dr. Larry DuBois, Donald Whitaker, Josef Bourgess"

"Mega Magic E-mail Lotterie / MegaMagic Foundation / Dr. Larry DuBois, Donald Whitaker, Josef Bourgess" are labels used by a gang for a fake lottery fraud (advance fee fraud, "419"). There are versions with either Donald Whitaker or Josef Bourgess sending the initial spam, but both name Larry DuBois as the claims agent. The email address used by Larry Dubois is a free webmail address.

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Example of "Mega Magic E-mail Lotterie" scam email:

----- Original Message ----- From: "" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, 24 February, 2005 7:13
Subject: Lottery Win Notification

Mega Magic E-mail Lotterie,
The MegaMagic Foundation,
Mega Magic International Complex,
1847 Rue De Fenetre,

YOU HAVE WON 1,000,000 Euros!:

This message is an official notification to the effect that you have emerged as one of the 12 lucky winners of the 2005 edition of the annual MegaMagic International Mega Magic E-mail Lotterie. Consequently, you have been approved to receive a total sum of One million Euros (Approx US$1.3 million).

The draws were held on the 18th of January 2005 at the Fin De Bargesse in Paris, France.

One million Email addresses obtained from both the Internet and affiliate companies of The Mega Magic Foundation were used as entrants for the drawings of this edition. Each address was assigned a virtual ticket number and the drawings were performed by computers using a perfectly random selection algorithm.

Your email address was assigned the following numbers:

Virtual Ticket Number: 4348-1163-6739
Serial Number: 554368926365372989037

For security of your prize, please keep this information in a very safe place and to yourself to avoid attempts at impersonation.

Your one million Euros cash prize has been deposited in a temporary account with our paying bank pending a response from you. To file for the claim of your prize, please contact the below Control Officer using the same email address at which you have received this notification:

Dr. Larry DuBois
The MegaMagic Foundation

You shall receive further instructions on how to collect your prize immediately you contact him.

For security reasons, please keep your virtual ticket information in a VERY safe place until your prize has been remitted to you.

Congratulations from all of us.

Josef Bourgess,
For The Mega Magic Foundation

Please do not tamper below this line.
The codes below are used to track this notification
for security of prizes.
Hash7__init: 47t9l346iw6m823r00000.0xxyiw
binPARSE 33: 0010101100101110100101100101