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419 Scam Example: "ELECTRONIC LOTTERY / Macurly Clary / Macurly Pablo"

"ELECTRONIC LOTTERY / Macurly Clary / Macurly Pablo" is a label used by a gang in the Netherlands for a fake lottery fraud (advance fee fraud, "419").

All phone numbers used in the scam are Dutch mobile phones. The scam appears to be connected to another Dutch lottery scam, "ADS LOTTERY / Paul Zimmerman" as the claims agents of boths scams send responses from the same IP address.

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The same Dutch cell phone number has been attributed to "Macurly Clary" and "Macurly Pablo" who are likely just different aliases used by the same person(s). "Macurly Pablo" is supposedly the claims agent for "ADS LOTTERY PROMOTIONS", as is "Paul Zimmerman". Emails from all three aliases are sent from the same Dutch IP address.

Example of "Macurly Clary" scam email:

From: "macurly clary" <>
To: username <emailaddress>
Sent: Saturday, 05 February, 2005 8:04
Subject: FILL FORM

Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to congratulate you and formally inform you that you have won the sum of $2,500,000.00 (Two Million,Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) in the last email-lottery draw, organized by ELECTRONIC LOTTERY. We have confirmed the above winning.

You should note that your email address in addition to millions of company and individual email were extRacted with a software and the addresses were scrutinized with a ballot system and after the processes,30 email addresses were selected and they were shared into 3 categories respectively and which you are a winner in the 1st category of $2.5m.The said sum is now deposited in our suspense account in your favour waiting for the immediate remittance into your nominated bank account. Be informed that your winning prize has a hardcover insurance policy that makes it impossible to make any deduction of any kind, until the sum is finally credited into your designated account.

This firm on behalf of ELECTRONIC LOTTERY Promotion will issue an Irrevocable Guarantee of Payment Bond (IGPB) in your favour, thereby securing the above prize money.A copy of the IGPB will be forwarded to our paying bank for immediate action.

However, our client (ELECTRONIC LOTTERY PROMOTION) has been notified of this development and the status of your claim.Following the above, you are expected to fill the attached form and return back to this office along with a copy of your international passport or driver's license via email attachment for vetting process which is a standard practise just to ensure that we are dealing with the right individual and account.

This process is vital and urgent following the instruction from our clients that all prize money should be claimed on or before 8TH February,2005.

Once again accept our congratulations and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mr.Macurly Clary
+31 61 221 9385

Message headers:

Received: from [] by
 via HTTP; Sat, 05 Feb 2005 10:04:11 EST
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 10:04:11 +1100 (EST)
From: macurly clary 
Subject: FILL FORM

The attached JPG file "electronij form.JPG" is marked "PROPERTY OF GULF ATLANTIC SA".

Emails by "Macurly Clary" are sent from the same IP address at the same Dutch provider as emails in the "ADS LOTTERY / Paul Zimmerman" scam (IP

     inetnum: -
     org:          ORG-CB6-RIPE
     netname:      NL-CHELLO-20000509
     descr:        Provider Local Registry
     country:      NL
     admin-c:      GM3659-RIPE
     tech-c:       HTK1-RIPE
     status:       ALLOCATED PA
     mnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     mnt-lower:    CHELLO-MNT
     mnt-routes:   CHELLO-MNT
     changed: 20000509
     changed: 20010516
     changed: 20011211
     source:       RIPE
     descr: Network Services
     descr:        Chello Customers
     descr:        The Netherlands
     origin:       AS8209
     mnt-by:       CHELLO-MNT
     changed: 20010622
     source:       RIPE
     organisation: ORG-CB6-RIPE
     org-name:     Chello Broadband
     org-type:     LIR
     address:      Chello Broadband N.V.
                   boeing avenue 101
                   1119pe schiphol rijk
                   The Netherlands
     phone:        +31 20 7788200
     fax-no:       +31 20 7788203
     admin-c:      GM3659-RIPE
     admin-c:      RM2527-RIPE
     admin-c:      AK991-RIPE
     admin-c:      SB9000-RIPE
     admin-c:      MH392-RIPE
     admin-c:      MG872-RIPE
     admin-c:      HTK1-RIPE
     admin-c:      MS2509-RIPE
     mnt-ref:      CHELLO-MNT
     mnt-ref:      RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     mnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     changed: 20040415
     changed: 20040617
     changed: 20041112
     changed: 20050201
     source:       RIPE
     role:         Hostmaster Telekabel Wien
     address:      UPC Telekabel Wien GmbH
     address:      Erlachgasse 116
     address:      A-1100 Vienna
     address:      Austria
     phone:        +43 1 96068 5000
     fax-no:       +43 1 96068 5666
     admin-c:      AK991-RIPE
     tech-c:       SB666-RIPE
     tech-c:       AK991-RIPE
     tech-c:	      MS2509-RIPE
     nic-hdl:      HTK1-RIPE
     mnt-by:       CHELLO-MNT
     changed: 20040609
     source:       RIPE
     person:       Gary Mendel
     address:      Koningin Wilhelminaplein 2-4
     address:      1062 HK Amsterdam
     address:      The Netherlands
     phone:        +31 20 355-2777
     fax-no:       +31 20 355-2755
     nic-hdl:      GM3659-RIPE
     mnt-by:       CHELLO-MNT
     changed: 20010212
     source:       RIPE

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