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419 scam - Juno Widjaja (Indonesia)

The following Advance Fee Scam follows tradional scam patterns, except for being set in Indonesia. The email was sent from an IP address in the Netherlands, not Indonesia. The same scam format probably has been circulating for three years or more, because "President Megawati Sukarnoputri" mentioned in it actually left office in 2004.

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419 scam - Juno Widjaja (Indonesia)

From: Juno Widjaja []
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 3:57 AM

Hello Company Owner,

My name is Juno Widjaja, and my home address is PONDOK JATI CR-11,
SIDOARJO-61260, EAST JAVA, INDONESIA. I am writing to you to help me on both
humanitarian and mutually benefiting interest grounds. I am relying on your
help; in return, I will compensate you most generously. My story is not
unique or new, but I believe this approach will bring a solution to my
family ordeal. You are the 5th person that I am contacting and I hope you
will be the last!

Please forgive me for invading your privacy; I obtained your address
information from Internet Search. I specifically chose free, open societies,
which we can only dream of. Because I believe you are a busy person, please
let me briefly outline my agenda, and then, I will proceed to give you

I am an orthodox Christian and a minority ethnic Chinese of Indonesia, and
though we as a people have suffered Official and private persecution for
years, our suffering and marginalization have recently assumed alarming
proportions. We as a people have suffered religious persecution for years,
but recently the economic downturn of Indonesia has been blamed on us and we
have become the scapegoats...Please check the following website ( Atrocities in
Indonesia); You will find countless articles on the subject, and it is
sobering to say the least...

In the light of the foregoing, I took precautionary steps years ago and
established a numbered Account in Italy -

Via La Masa 323. City
20156 Milano. Italy.
Phone: 0039 1997 07071-3743 EXT: 5687 (Customer Care/Italia Residence Only)
Free Toll Phone/Fax: 001 270 913 9548 (International English Services)
Funds on current deposit - US$25,375,406.98

As it turns out, it was my wisest and best decision yet, and the future of
my family is now centered on this money. How? Since the Riots broke out, the
ethnic Chinese, particularly the rich and middle class have been restricted
from emigrating to other Countries with their wealth. The Secret Police
trail and watch your every move; even as I write to you, my telephone is
bugged and I and my family are virtually on house arrest.

A Visa application by the unwary is an invitation for trouble and the Secret
police will instantly be at your door and your bank Account frozen...These
are the sordid details that our dear President Megawati Sukarnoputri does
not want the world to know about!

On a practical side, I have tried both openly and also clandestinely to
obtain visas for myself and my family at the American Embassy, Address: Jl.
Merdeka Selatan 4-5, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia Phone (62-21) 3435-9000; Fax:
(62-21) 385-7189, and my efforts proved fruitless; even an application on
humanitarian grounds to the American Ambassador, Ralph L. "Skip" Boyce, was
turned down for "want of merit", an official language meaning that a grant
of visa will be against the interests of the State of Indonesia!

In summary therefore, I am planning to emigrate to America or Canada or any
other Western Country, and I need your help. I cannot do it from Indonesia.
As a wealthy man, I have some means and help, but because of the prying eyes
of the Secret Police, I am greatly handicapped. I have made a lot of
research on the internet and I have a plan that will work, with your
cooperation...I will require your help to retain an immigration Attorney who
will prepare the basic paperwork for me; I will thereafter arrange with a
"contact" in the Secret Police to "procure" visas for myself and my family
from Malaysia.

This contact will, at the appropriate time arrange passage for me and my
family to your country. Once in your country, I will be free to invest my
money in your country and I and my family to gain freedom and get access to
my money ( impossible at the moment because the nature of my Secret numbered
account dictates that I must appear in person at the bank or my next of kin
make an application under my instruction to the Bank in order to make
withdrawals...(It was set up specifically this way to avoid any one or the
Secret police forcing me under coercion to wire the funds back to Indonesia
or anywhere; it is my greatest security).

If you are willing to help me, You will please do the following for me ;
(1) Contact my bank which I will provide to you the full information for
further Instructions to transfer my money into your account.

(2) You will retain an Immigration Lawyer to advise me (though, from my
researches, my emigration to America/Canada is assured because of my
SUBSTANTIAL ITALIA HOLDINGS); ...I am not afraid of betrayal because
presently I and my family are staying at a "SAFEHOUSE" secret location under
an assumed name, and the secret Police can not trace me from the above
address of course...

(3) You will please arrange air charter transportation for me and my family
from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to your country...details will
follow later. If you are willing to help me, please reply ONLY by email, and
we will establish our game plan.

Please bear in mind that you have not, and you will not be committing a
crime both under International Law and even Indonesian Law...You are simply
rendering humanitarian help...for a small financial consideration.

Mr. Ching Hang, my Secret Police contact person, who is processing our visas
from Malaysia explained to me that he will arrange Tourist Visiting visas
for me and my family . The visas will according to him will be good for
about 1 month. Entry into USA/Canada, or any other "Western" Country is
therefore NOT the problem per se. My problem is that I and my family wish to
stay PERMANENTLY in either USA or Canada or any other Western Country.

You have to appreciate the hard fact that I and my family are fugitives even
in my own country; I therefore desire to quickly and
expeditiously legitimise our permanent Stay abroad. I do not wish to take
chances because of the risk of REPATRIATION BACK TO INDONESIA! This is why
it is vital that an Attorney be retained to immediately take up our case and
prepare for our arrival.

As I said earlier, there is no need to bother about our visas; these will be
taken care of by Mr. Ching Hang. The Attorney's job is to process the
paperwork to guarantee our permanent stay in USA/Canada or any other Western
As soon as our visas are obtained by Mr. Ching Hang, I will arrange to send
all Passport copies/visas to you so that you can give them to the Attorney.
Once we arrive, he can then start his work.

Unfortunately, I can not pay any charges upfront because I have no access to
my funds in Italy. I therefore appeal to you to put the Attorney on notice
that he will be paid his charges/fees as soon as we arrive your country
Country. This I think is reasonable since the actual work of the Attorney
will commence IMMEDIATELY UPON OUR ARRIVAL YOUR END. I know this will be a
great inconvenience because Attorneys everywhere always demand UPFRONT

I know that your assistance per the above is very valuable . I wish
therefore to make absolutely sure that nothing goes wrong. Secondly, I
really do need your assistance to set up a corporation plus a corporate Bank
Account . Please note that I will NOT be sending you funds for preliminary
expenses for the reasons which I mentioned above.

Thank you so much, and May God bless you!

Juno Widjaja

PS: The Account in Italy was set up under "SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES", as you
are now aware; I did not want to take the chance of being forced to wire
back my funds to Indonesia! It happened to some of my compatriots who were
careless, and the Government Agents forced them to send back their money
under force/blackmail. In my own case my funds can not be wired anywhere
without my INSTRUCTIONS; in the event of my demise, there are Specific
instructions for my next of kin to follow...

Message headers:

X-Mailer: Openwave WebEngine, version
X-Originating-IP: []
From: Juno Widjaja <>
Organization: Juno Widjaja
To: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 3:57:02 -0400

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