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Immigration scams

Thousands of scammers in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world are so unscrupulous, they have no moral problems stealing from people in poor countries who are trying to move to Canada, the USA or other developed countries. They pretend to represent some organisation that offers an easy way to immigrate into these countries. The victims are told to send cash by Western Union or MoneyGram for processing fees, but never receive any visa to travel to the desired countries.

Here are examples of such scam formats.

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International Organization for Migration Program (

This is a rehash of an earlier scam known as CFWRC. The scammers have a website at which still mentions the previous label of the scam.



TEL: +44-070319 73387
FAX: +44-070319 7334

Dear applicants,

THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THIS PROGRAM. We are working with dates and directives from our Secretariat office in Winnipeg, we received signal from the secretary that you have submitted your application to join International Organization for Migration Program. With the recommendation from one of our colleague, you will join other participants from different countries.

However in regard your inquiry, job placement for group applicants will be based on previous work and educational experience of each applicant. Also note that group applications are given more consideration than individual applicants.

Attach below is the IOMC registration assessment, print out the form and photocopy it among your groups, fill the forms and return it together with your payment of $200 per applicants..

As soon as the forms together with your payment information reach us, we will endorse the form and forward it to our secretariat in Winnipeg for the processing of your documents.

Method of payment: because of delay in transferring money via Bank to our country, your payment might get to us very late. In order to reach you with the confirmation of your registration payment, you will forward your payment only via money gram in your country.

Point to note We do not receive applicants processing fee here at the zonal office, kindly forward your processing fee to our head office in Canada.

Meanwhile, you have to print out the attached form, fill and forward it to us via our fax number 001-916-384-2449 or through e-mail as an attachment, Direct your payment to our National secretariat Accountant in Winnipeg Canada in the names of Mr. Teddy Smith at our address 1213 Alexander avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3E1H8 Canada.

We would send your payment confirmation to you as soon as we receive your payment information and completed IOMC Assessment form(s) on or before 21 st April, 2007 considerably. Endeavor to attach your passport photograph in the form.

Visit our site;
Dr.Brayan Anthony
Iomc Regional co-ordinator.
IOMC, Manchester

Mes salutations les plus distinguées

suite à une serieuse recherche j'ai pû retrouver votre email,et je vous
informes d'une très bonne nouvelle qui vous aideras ., je me nomme
legaulle , je suis de trantaine et je vis
particulierement au quebec une ville de suis
secretaire tandis que mon epoux dans une entreprise CAC qui se trouve
au canada.
actuellement mon epoux est au Benin dans la zone
afrique pour un recrutement de 300 personnes pays
africain pour venir travailler dans tous les domaines
d'activités . Mon mari
travail en tant que DG adjoint de l'entreprise et il
ma parlé sur
dans une des entreprise qui s' y trouvent dans votre
domaine sa peut-être au Canada , aux USA et alors
je lui est proposé que j'ai des amis c'est à dire que
au canada et il m'a demandé de te donner l'adresse du
service de recrutement dont je
voudrais que tu prends
soin de le lire et remplir les conditions qui y seront
donnée pour pouvoir êtres des leur en tout cas moi je
ferai de mon possible pour que tu viennes ici voici
l'adresse du service à laquelle tu vas lui écrire pour
demander des dossiers a founir à l'adresse suivant
et dès confirmation tu me mets au
courant des démarches à suivre .
Laurentien1320, rue St-PaulAncienne-Lorette, QuébecG2E
1Z4 Cordialement ,
A bientôt

Message headers:

Received: from []
 by via HTTP; Sat,
 26 May 2007 11:13:09 CEST
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 11:13:09 +0200 (CEST)
From: chamella legaulle <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?q?MES=20salutations=20les=20plus=20distingu=E9es?=

Grillian HerMan (

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your lovely mail lam so happy, I would first of all like to say what a great pleasure it is for me today to have this splendid opportunity to meet you as friend,let me go straight in telling you about Canadian Foreign Workers Recruitment Program the purpose of this Job Employment program is to help the youngsters and Train them to be useful to there Nation and entire World. I am working in this Organization as a Clerical Administrative Officer.l invite you in this program because i know it will be a means we can get to see each other face to face.

I wish a delegate will come from your country to benefit in this year job Recruitment program that will be held in Canada this year. Now, as we are approaching the turn of century, we are struggling through a whirlwind of fundamental change. That change is reflected in the substantial transformation which the international society is Expriencing,This program is organized by lnternational Donor sponsored by US/Canada Government to wipe out poverty and hunger in a global world. And also food substantial l wish you will partake in this program.
What ever information you need to know about the program pls do not hesitate to contact the secretariat office and if you are lnterested you can also contact the office and send your application
Attached here are my pictures waiting to see yours too.

Hoping to read from you soon,
From ur friend Grillian HerMan.

World Humanitarian Agency With Job Employment Opportunities. (WHAWJEO)

212 East 42nd Street, NY
10017 Manhattan New York
FAX: +1-309-218-2496
FAX: +1-636-754-9391
World Humanitarian Agency With Job Employment Opportunities.
Dear Applicants,

We provide an excellent opportunity for pro-active youths, non-employees and job seekers who have the mind to work. WHAWJEO has made available a number of sponsors? Opportunities alongside this year resettlement/recruitment program. This resettlement/recruitment programs is designed to give focus on youths, groups and Association valuable contact within the sector.
World Humanitarian Agency With Job Employment Opportunities. (WHAWJEO) USA under the auspices of WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP) and FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO) are informing groups, youths and youth-focused organizations to take an active role in this coming resettlement/recruitment program. It is not open for every body, to you the opportunity to produce for us an active group from your participate as we only accept participants under recommendation but since your recommendation comes from one of our colleagues we shall give sector.
This year resettlement/recruitment program registration is scheduled to take place at World Humanitarian Agency With Job Employment Opportunities Secretariat. 212 East 42nd Street, NY 10017 Manhattan Secretariat New York.
This year Resettlement/Recruitment Program is being organized by the World Humanitarian Agency With Job Employment Opportunities ( WHAWJEO )
and is being sponsored by our independent farmers, and pro-active organizations, World Food Program (WFP) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
This program is dedicated to all UNEMPLOYEES World Wide Over where our invitation will be extended, any group that receive our recommendation is entitled to participate in the sixth coming resettlement/recruitment Program regardless of your religion or belief.
Only Five Men or Women are expected to participate together as a group from each Country and none of them will be less than eighteen years. Two group from a country will also be considered!
The independent Donors, Pro-active Organizations and the (WFP), and (FAO) will take care of your entire flight tickets, U.S employment authorization id cards, your feeding, accommodation and your working permit in CANADA OR USA ..If you are interested to participates in the fifth coming workers resettlement/recruitment program you should send their:
(1) Attach one passport photo in their Assessment form.
(2) Names, Country of origin and Country residents.
(3) Finger tub print’s
(4) Passport numbers, to our National Secretariat here in U.S.A through this fax number ................ or as an attachment file through our e-mail.
We will open your Participation file and submit your group U.S authorization id cards as soon as we receive all the information required. For those of you coming from Asia or Africa are expected to obtain their workers resettlement/recruitment forms through our Asia-Africa regional office
through this E-mail:
And for those of you coming from Europe or America are expected to obtain their workers resettlement/recruitment forms through our south American regional office through this E-mail:
at the rate of $250 each applicant, this must be made before or when returning the forms. Visa assistance:
We cannot add or reduce any given requirements for the authorization of participant’s visas participating in this Program. Participants requiring the CANADA OR US Visa Assistance must meet all the requirements.. The organizing committee will render Visa assistance to all participants requiring CANADA OR US Visa for this program.
We are working with dates and directives from the CANADA/US Bureau of Non-Immigrant Affairs, the authority that is in charge of authorization of group visas.
Remember to forward all the required information over here to our secretariat, as soon as possible in order to open a file for you or your group and commence the processing of your documents.
You will receive your Visa form as soon as you complete your registration. Please note that we cannot open group participation file with names forwarded without the requirements needed from your group, as we could not guarantee their resettlement/recruitment in these program or aid them to acquire passports.
Point to note, when you make your registration payment, you should ask for payment confirmation receipt from the co-ordinators, as you will need to e-mail the confirmation to the U.S Bureau of Non-Immigrant Affairs Here in U.S.A for the processing of your documents.
National Secretariat Office:

212 East 42nd Street, NY
10017 Manhattan New York
FAX: +1-309-218-2496
FAX: +1-636-754-9391

Name: Mr. Mark Johnson
South America Co-ordinator Address Contacts:
Rua Orlando Zaniboni, 18 Santa Olivia, Arras, Sao Paulo 13607-562, Brazil.
Africa & Asia Co-ordinator:
Contact Person : Dr. John. S. Martins
11 Orange Street Banjul City,
The Gambia West Africa.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regard,
Madam: Laura Johnson / AAWPEP(Anglo American World Poverty Eradication Program)

From: gloria reggan <>
Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008, 8:32 AM

Thanks for your mail.reading.I am over whelmed with joy at your mail.You at times try starting a relationship and it looks like a journey filled with uncertainties.
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You looks cute in your photographs.
I am glad to meet you too.I think it is good I tell you more about my family background, I am the First child of my parents. My parent have three children, a girl and two boys .I being the first child, John is second to me while Jacob is the last .

The name of my father is David Reggan and my mother's name is Mary Reggan. My parents are both retired from us civil service.My father was a Doctor in the US health civil service while my mother was a nurse at the US health civil service..
Like as I have earlier informed you, I am single and have never being married. My hobbies are reading,watching movies, listening to soft musics, long driving, swimming and traveling.I hate delay, that is sluggishness and procrastinating, I hate lies.I spend most of my time at home in the USA.

It gives me joy to take care of fellow human beings who needed assistance.I am an administrative staff in a humanitarian organization sponsored by mainly the USA and UK and supervised by the united nations.This Program have improved the lives of many who have no job and those who have little or no means of survival in most third world countries. Through the period of this my communication with you will not be frequent because I will be very busy till after the employment recruitment program.

I have also thought it out that this program can improve our chances to actualize our dreaming of meeting each other one day.
Be informed that I stand at the best position to help you through with this program if you choose to come over to US with your family or friends. I hope my words does n,t offend you but rather expresses my view in love to you,l feel that I can get you informed with good thing that will benefit you ,it,s an opportunity for you ,your family and friends to come and even work on the soil of America, UK, Canada and Germany. I personally would like you to apply for the US program so that we can use this occasion to see each other and bring your family up here.

If you considered this as an opportunity to actualize our dream, then do not hesitate to contact the secretary to the program overseer / consultant for detail information on our forth coming AAWPEP(Anglo American World Poverty Eradication Program) Employment program scheduled to hold from 28th-30th of next month, 2008.
I know quite well that if your love or relationship does not just end on the net, you will surely take up this opportunity. In that case you should address your application to the secretary Mr Simon Mcnab through this E-mail contact address
You can as well reach the secretary by fax through any of this numbers +1(360) 343-6793.But do not forget to include your fax number and e-mail address in your fax messages to enhance quite reply from the secretary.
If you are interested on this program then do not delay to contact the secretary because your application is already late but with my influence she will attend to your application.
I hope you will not waste time with applying for this program as i am willing to speed en up your registration through my good office.
May be through this Program and by the special grace of God we might start affecting each others life positively. Do keep me informed on the latest development from the secretary and the program overseer so that l will know what to do in your favor . I enclose my photographs, I shall be expecting yours.

Your sweet

Gloria Reggan
NB: You can send a mail to the registrar asking for detailed information on the AAWPEP program or use this sample i have made

Dear Sir
I have discussed your AAWPEP program with your staff Miss Gloria Reggan and have decided to apply for it.Do furnish me with detailed information on the program.Anticipating your swift response while i remain

yours faithfully

1.Office and Administrative Support
3.Artists Designers
4.Healthcare Practitioners
5.Building and Ground Maintenance
6.Sales Representatives
7.Food Processing
10.Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
12.Power Plant and System Operators
13.Transport Officers
14.Cargo Truck Drivers
15.Warehouse and Material Keepers
16.House Keepers
19.Car Washers
20.Poultry Keepers
22 Doctor,s and Nurses
23Teachers and Lecturers
24.Miscelleneous Positions


Dear Applicants,

Greetings with Peace and love........ You are welcome to the YMCA
programs. Be informed that this organization is not open for external
candidates. However, since your recommendation comes from one of our
colleague(Mova Yana) we shall approve your membership and grant you the
Secondly, be aware that the YMCA is only responsible for your Visa, flight
tickets, accommodation, and feeding when you arrive here for your training
programs. This is after your successful registration as a full member of
this organization, that is if you have been registered as one of our global

Intended candidate can been given the opportunity for a working permit and
to come to New York for two months training before the commencement of the
project in their Variouse countries and will also be enlisted into the YMCA
and be working with us globally with a green card.You are therefore advised
to get your passport ready because it would be needed during registration
and visa process. You will also have to get other six (6) people to form a
competent group of seven candidates including your self.
You should endeavour to contact our European, African and Asian coordinator
since you are not an American, and registration involves the payment of
$300 (US dollars) each, to get the application form.
However, note that, it is also possible for you to apply as a single
candidates, incase you are not capable of forming a group of competent.

Please note that we will open your group file as soon as your name gets to
us here in the state, this is after you might have gotten the requirement
from Mr. David Melkumyan, for your invitation and visa approval in our
ministry of interior in Washington DC. You're therefore advised to contact
the Africa-Asia coordinator at the below contact.

Contacts info:
Mr. David Melkumyan
Address: YMCA,
BP 4152/rue 12 X Bourguiba
Dakar Senegal
Tel: +221766975983

Thank you for your cooperation: Success is your limite, we do hope to hear
from you soon.

Yours in Service,
Hysen Fitore.
Address: YMCA of the USA
101 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
Tell: +1-832-2020-269

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