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Check scam - Glamour Model Hit List (Canadian Paid Model Services)

The following emails are part of an Advance Fee Scam. See our "419" fraud FAQ for more information on such scams. Victims in this scam will be tricked into depositing counterfeit checks, withdrawing cash against them and forwarding most of the money by Western Union to the criminals. Never accept any proposal that involves you cashing a check and forwarding funds from it to a party nominated by the check sender.

If you have any suspect email that you want to report or have checked, you can copy and paste the message text into our "Scam-O-Matic" webform for an instant reply.

If you get suspect emails, you can also forward them to our scam-reporting e-mail address
Though you won't normally get a reply we do use your reports to shut down scammers and to warn others.

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Check scam - Glamour Model Hit List (Canadian Paid Model Services)

( Canadian Paid Model Services)
The Committee of GMH found your pictures on one of the
professional model website and is therefore pleased to include
you among our World Class Models to be used in our
International Modeling and adverticement.
On completion of the below personal information and essay,
the GMH Committee will screen your details and essay to
affirm your eligibility for our international dealing which
we believe you will be because the committee personal figure
you out.
On confirmation of your eligibility as a World Class Model,
the GMH will pay you a sum of $200 to confirm your status as
a bonafide member of GMH World Class Models, thereafter your
salary will be deliberated upon based on what you fill
Note: Your answer to the following question must be provided
in a simple format. There shouldn’t be any repeatition of
question rather, just type the question number in your mail
and type the answer directly opposite the number e.g
1) Write the answer
2) Write the answer and so on.
Give correct details to the following personal details.
1) How did you hear of Glamour Model Hit? (write NOMINATED
if we choose you and REFER if someone else refer you, but
all refer members are to pay $1500 while no fees to be paid
by nominated members)
2) Full Name
3) Nationality
4) Date of Birth
5) Sex
6) Marital Status
7) Mother Tongue
8) Profession
9) Apartment and Street Address
10) Zip Code
11) City
12) State
13) Country
14) Tel & Fax
15) E-mail Address
16) Do you stay alone or stay with your parent or spouse?
17) How long have you been in modeling business?
18) Have you gotten any previous experience in modeling?
19) Perhaps you are been choosen for paid modeling services,
how do you wish to be paid, Weekly, monthly, quarterly or
20) How much do you think your modeling capability will
worth in $ based on your answer to question (19)?
21) How would you rate your personal improvement if you get
to meet with professional models?
0 – 30% - No improvement
30 – 60% - Averagely improved
60 – 100% - Greatly improved.
22) How many companies have you modeled for RECENTLY?
23) Can you be allowed to travel out of your home country to
any part of the world?
Write a short essay telling us what initiate your interest
in modeling and your personal view of the future of

1) Dress size:
2) Weight:
3) Height:
4) Measurements:
5) Hair color:
6) Hair length:
7) Eye color:
8) Shoe size:
9) Tattoos:
10) Piercings:
Include five pictures other than the one we viewed on
Model website as an attachment to your answer.

Best Regards
GMH Committee
945-842 Moberly Road
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5Z 4G4 Canada.

Second email:

GMH Committee will be the one to pay your first salary in
August when we would have prepared you for the conference
and settle all your traveling bills. You are on this paid
list because you are nominated and eligible for the
The conferencing details and catalogue will be sent to you
after you would have recieve you confirmation $200 dollars.
Thereafter we will let you know how you are going to get
your traveling documents.
As you have replied,we see that you are one of the prominent member of the team,we will like to make you the supervisor of your location,on the acceptance of this you will be given a cheque of $3000 after which you will have to send the rest $2800 to your assistance supervisor for the dispatching of the fund to the rest memebers
Best regards

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