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419 Scam – "First Allied International Bond Bank / NATIONAL LOTTERY U.K. / Mr. David white"

"First Allied International Bond Bank / NATIONAL LOTTERY U.K. / Mr. David white" is a fake lottery and "claims agent" in Nigeria and the UK.

Please send us copies of such spam and any replies by "claims agents" you have have received.

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Domains registed for this scam:

Example email:

NL1006985/NATIONAL LOTTERY UK/03/21/2005
Dear Winner,

Conducted by NATIONAL LOTTERY U.K. under our promotional Cash 5 Games
Draws, you have emerged winner through a computer ballot system drawn from
4,000,000 email addresses of individuals and companies. All 4,000,000
email addresses including yours where gotten from email account providers
database all over the world as part of our International Promotions

Your Lottery Claim is attached to:
Ticket number: 111-33-22,
Serial number: 186-50,
Lucky numbers: 02 85 56 05 71 81 (22).

Having emerged NATIONAL LOTTERY U.K. Promotions Winner, You have
consequently been awarded a pay out sum of 2,700,000.00 (Two Million 
Seven Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds) in cash.

In your best interest and also to avoid mix up of numbers and names of any
kind, we dearly advise that you keep the entire winning details i.e. serial 
number, lucky number etc. from public notice following the fact that we
will not be held liable for events of having two claimants to one prize.

To process winners fund for transfer You therefore are to contact the
contracted financial representative. by email and fax within a week of
receiving this notice for processing and remittance of your winning to your
designated account. Contact the contracted financial representative with
contact information below, provide him with your reference, ticket, serial
and lucky numbers as above for his reference

Mr. David white
First Allied International Bond Bank
FAX:  +44 8701352588 OR 044 8701352588

Truly Yours,

The National Lottery
PO Box 1010
L70 1NL
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Reply from the "claims agent":

ATTN__.Firstname Lastname
OUR REF__Financial Director/f.a.i.b.b/21/03/2005/

Having received your email message with respect to your acclaimed lottery
winning, Checking the winning numbers you sent to my office via email and 
fax, and
comparing your numbers with the claims file sent to us by the lottery 
I wish to confirm and congratulate you being actual winner of the NATIONAL
LOTTERY U.K cash 5 Draw Winner.

To enable us process your 2,700,000.00 (Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand
Great Britain Pounds) for transfer, you are required to fill a claims
verification form stating all your details, this is necessary for 
and ease in the transfer of your winning, as we will have to send same to 
lottery company that you have commenced processing of your winnings. You 
receive your winning either by check or  transfer made to your bank account,
you are therefore required to fill claims form format in the attachment of
this email below, Kindly fill form, and send to my office via email or fax 
my confirmation.

Upon receiving your filled form, I shall have it sent to our account 
and lottery company for documentation and further processing. you shall be
required to pre-paying tax transfer, inland revenue charges, processing fee
amounting to 2,720 (Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Great Britain 
Pounds only)
as required by the inland revenue board on lottery winnings. Your having to 
this fee is prompted by the fact that your fund is being insured to its real 
and that recipient (you) MUST receive your fund fully in cash (en-bloc) 
it being deducted from.

Paragraph (3) above is in accordance with section 12(7) (b) of the
lottery act of the British Lottery Affairs Commission as adopted in 1994 and
amended in 2002. That all lottery funds must be transferred en-bloc to 
following the fact that this is an international promotions program, where
winners necessary donot have to purchase tickets, but are selected from a
computer ballot system and as such,inlnd revenue are prepaid.

To avoid unnecessary delay to your Prize winning transfer, you are
required to respond and act without delay to all instructions provided above 
ensure a glitch free procedure in the transfer of you prize money. Note that
acting as instructed above will ensure, assure our transferring your winning 
your designated account under 48 working hours.

Upon your receiving this email, you are required to go ahead and fill Form
stating your mailing address if you wish to receive fund incheck,or fill 
banking details if fund is to be transfered toyour account and have it sent 
fax and email attachment. Congratulations once more, as we
awaiting your filled Lottery Winnings Claims Form to proceed.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. David white
First Allied Int'l Bond Bank
FAX:  +44 8701352588 OR 044 8701352588

Message headers:

Received: from by with HTTP;
	Mon, 21 Mar 2005 17:06:10 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: []
From: "Finance Director" 
Subject: Lottery Winning Claims Process / Requirement 
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 17:06:10 +0000

WHOIS details for sending network (IP

     netname:      EMP-LNE05
     inetnum: -
     netname:      EMP-LNE05
     descr:        Network at EMP-LNE05
     descr:        Please report all abuse to the network admin-c
     country:      NG
     admin-c:      GO543-RIPE
     tech-c:       EMP5-RIPE
     status:       ASSIGNED PA
     remarks:      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     remarks:      Abuse address:
     remarks:      - or the admin-c of the network
     remarks:      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     mnt-by:       EMP-NOC-MNT
     changed: 20050309
     source:       RIPE
     descr:        DK-EMPERION-20010828-ROUTE
     origin:       AS21125
     mnt-by:       EMP-NOC-MNT
     changed: 20010906
     source:       RIPE
     role:         Emperion NOC Operator
     address:      Emperion A/S
     address:      Middelfartgade 7
     address:      2100 Koebenhavn Oe
     address:      DK
     phone:        +45 3929 3530
     admin-c:      KW6968-RIPE
     tech-c:       KW6968-RIPE
     tech-c:       SRL7-RIPE
     tech-c:       AJ163-RIPE
     tech-c:       GB1283-RIPE
     tech-c:       FL497-RIPE
     nic-hdl:      EMP5-RIPE
     mnt-by:       EMP-NOC-MNT
     changed:      KMW@EMPERION.NET 20010906
     changed: 20020110
     changed: 20021107
     source:       RIPE
     person:       Godfrey Orkeh
     address:      63, Allenb Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
     phone:        +234-1-5557942
     phone:        +234-8033058162
     fax-no:       +234-1-5557942
     mnt-by:       EMP-NOC-MNT
     nic-hdl:      GO543-RIPE
     changed: 20041111
     source:       RIPE

WHOIS details for 419 scam domain "":

connected to [] ... 
connected to [] ... 

Domain Name..........
  Creation Date........ 2005-03-18
  Registration Date.... 2005-03-18
  Expiry Date.......... 2006-03-18
  Organisation Name.... fin dir
  Organisation Address. 166 east avondale ave
  Organisation Address. 
  Organisation Address. youngstown
  Organisation Address. 44507
  Organisation Address. OH
  Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... fin dir
  Admin Address........ 166 east avondale ave
  Admin Address........ 
  Admin Address........ youngstown
  Admin Address........ 44507
  Admin Address........ OH
  Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
  Admin Email..........
  Admin Phone.......... +1.3305199987
  Admin Fax............ 

Tech Name............ MSN NOC
  Tech Address......... One Microsoft Way
  Tech Address......... 
  Tech Address......... Redmond
  Tech Address......... 98052
  Tech Address......... WA
  Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
  Tech Email...........
  Tech Phone........... +1.4258828080
  Tech Fax............. 
  Name Server..........
  Name Server..........

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