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419 Scam – "FIRST ALLIED INTERNATIONAL CO. (Mr. Frank Edward)

FIRST ALLIED INTERNATIONAL CO. (Mr. Frank Edward)" is a fake lottery and "claims agent" based probably in Canada and Nigeria.

The criminals send fake cashier's checks to the victims, supposedly as a loan to pay taxes on the lottery prize. If the victims cash them and forward the money, they will in effect wire their own funds abroad, as the checks will bounce and the full amount becomes due for repayment to the bank. This is a similar scam to "SWISS PROMO LOTTERY (Dr. Henry Lewis,".

Please send us copies of such spam and any replies by "claims agents" you have have received. If you receive a check, do not touch it and do not deposit it. Instead contact the RCMP in Toronto so they can run forensic tests (fingerprints!).

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Example email:



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We are pleased to inform you of the result 
of the winners of THE INTERNATIONAL LOTTO 
PROGRAMS concluded last week in our office 
as a part of our end of the year bonanza. 
Your e-mail address attached to ticket 
numbers 66010-94 with serial numbers 46-64-
20-02-09B drew lucky numbers 6-14-19-22-27-
47 Bonus 34, which consequently won in the 
category D. You have therefore been 
approved for a lump sum pay of EUR 362,500 
(Three Hundred and Sixty-Two thousand Five 
Hundred Euro) in cash credited to file 
REFERENCE: EU/2203505. This is from total 
prize money of EUR 1,450.000.00 shared 
among 4 winners in this category.

Due to mix up of some numbers and names we 
ask that you keep your winning information 
confidential until your claims has been 
processed and your money remitted to you. 
This is part of our security protocol to 
avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse 
of this program by some participants. All 
participants were selected through a 
computer balloting system drawn from over 
320,000 individual email addresses and 
names from all over the world as part of 
our end of year International Program. 

On behalf of the management I say 

To file for your claim please contact our 
office in North America and quote your 
Reference and Batch number, 
TOLL FREE: 1-866 205 6718 
(Mr. Frank Edward - Regional Supervisor) 

Remember, all winning must be claimed not 
later than Feb 30, 2005. After this date 
all unclaimed funds will be included in the 
next stake. Please note in order to avoid 
unnecessary delays and complications please 
remember to quote your reference number and 
batch numbers in all correspondence. 

Furthermore, should there be any change of 
address do inform our agent as soon as 

Congratulations once more from our members 
of staff and thank you for being part of 
our promotional program.

Rick Tomas

N.B: Anybody under the age of 18 is 
automatically disqualified and breach of 
confidentiality on the part of the winners 
will result to disqualification. 

Reply from the "claims agent":

From: First Allied Fin [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 12:34 PM
To: emailaddress
Subject: RE: Ref: #EU/225203505

Dear Firstname Lastname,

This is to inform you that there is delay in sending your winning prize,
there is a tax fee of EUR25,375.00 equivalent US$33,756.00 

Please note that because your prize payment is coming from Europe, 
the European lottery regulation require's all non-resident winners to
pay the imposed tax before they can receive their funds. 

But to avoid any inconveniences on your part, we have arranged with 
one of our financial associate in Canada to provide you with the money
to enable you pay off this tax. 

Note: This tax fee of US$33,756.00 will be paid back with interest of 
15% as soon you receive your money. 

A certified bank draft will be mail to you to enable you payoff the tax

Please contact this office to obtain payment instructions if you can
afford to pay the tax to avoid further delay.

We need your urgent acknowledgement.

For further information do not hesitate to contact me at 1-866-205-6718
ext 2

Yours truly, 

Frank Edward

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