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Fake family member of Ponzi scammer needs your help and money

The following emails are part of an Advance Fee Scam. See our "419" fraud FAQ for more information on such scams. The scammers abuse the media publicity around the alleged ponzi scheme run by disgraced financier Bernie Madoff to trick people into sending money to them which they will never get back.

There is no reason to believe that any members of Mr Madoff's family or the real Unicaja bank have any connection to the scam below, which operates like a typical 419 scam out of Nigeria. The domain used for the email address of the "bank" was set up by the scammers recently. It has no connection to the real bank in Spain.

If you have any suspect email that you want to report or have checked, you can copy and paste the message text into our "Scam-O-Matic" webform for an instant reply.

If you get suspect emails, you can also forward them to our scam-reporting e-mail address
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First email:


I looked up your contact details and I am contacting you because of the urgency this situation demands.I am
Mark Madoff son of Bernie Madoff founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. My father is currently
involved in a $50 billion Usd swindle with investors and the U.S government has decided to confisticate my family
empire worth billions of U.S dollars.

We need your assistance to help us receive and conceal 45 million Usd ($45,000,000,00)from one of our family
offshore accounts as we are currently under pressure from the U.S government to give up all family assets. For
your efforts my family is willing to compensate you with 35% of the total funds. Note also that we have to be
careful due to the huge nature of the funds.I will update you with more details as soon as I confirm your
commitment to this deal.

Should you be interested please send me your details via email to enable us work on this together. @

1:Full Names
3:Private Phone Number:
4:Current Residential Address:

Mark Madoff
Look up the below links to understand the urgency of the issue.

2nd email

Dear Firstname Lastname,

Got your email and I am elated at your promptness. Before we proceed please do confirm to me how secure your computer is as I am writing you from an encrypted mailing system so as to guarantee that there are no leaks from my end. You do not need to invest heavily on encryption too but only have to assure and guarantee me that your computer/Email account is devoid of external interference due to the secure and secretive nature of our transaction/communication.

My family’s business portfolio cuts across all the continents of the world. You are a lucky man to have chosen to assist us in this times. It is my intention that as soon as we can re-profile the $45,000,000,00 Usd in your name preferably an "Alias" which automatically removes all traces of my family involvement with the funds I will proceed to bring you in to other transactions. With the aid of our lawyers and subsidiary companies you would mask the funds as your oil profits from one of our oil rigs in the Persian gulf, Note that you will be championing 80% of this deal as I cannot be too involved so as not to arouse attention from the authorities, however I will provide you with all the necessary contact details and information we need to have a flawless transaction. Bear in mind that you will have to set up an offshore account in your name or an alias to receive the funds! From where you will make careful transfers in little bits to your home/local account.

Before I proceed to give you the blue print on how you will be moving the funds I need to be assured of your commitment and safety of your computer. And also a brief description of yourself will put me more at ease. Relevant identification will be most helpful. Looking forward to prompt response as I look forward to us wrapping up this deal with your diligence in the forth coming week. God bless you.

Mark Madoff

Next email:

Hello Firstname Lastname,

I appreciate your prompt response and assurance that you are secure. You have to understand that due to the nature of things now its not all proceeding we have to make public.All those things was said so as to get the feds off our back because this is the only funds in my families possession right now and we cannot stand a chance to forfit it to the US government i hope you understand what i mean?

At this time I have alerted one our serving attorneys that will be responsible for the profiling of the funds in your name in the ledger of our subsidiary company in the Gulf, so as to appropriately mask any relationship my family has with the funds. At this point you have to realize that we are putting a 100% trust on you that you will remit our own share of the funds on our request, Because after the profiling process you automatically become the owner of the $45,000,000,00 Usd.

For clarity read carefully so you will understand the method we will adopt complete the profiling process. Firstly our attorney will include your details tonight in the payment/profit turnover sheet of investors on our oil block on the Persian Gulf. The $45,000,000,00 Usd at this time is sitting as unpaid profit to investors, hence the $45,000,000,00 Usd will be calculated in all relevant company accounting books as profit turnover of four (4) years of investing your funds. You honestly do not have any cause for worries as we have everything properly mapped out to protect us(me and my family) and you from any problems or issues with the law.

On your own part you will have to set up an offshore account with "UNICAJA BANK PLC" as is mandatory for all investors in the "Gulf" and a profit pay out application form will be submitted by our attorney on your behalf to our holding bank that will automatically instruct our bankers to credit your account at "UNICAJA BANK PLC".

UNICAJA BANK PLC has online banking access which is very important to the success of this transaction, because on completion of the transfer to the new account you will in turn make transfers of below $5,000,000,00 Usd to your local account. Client’s secrecy is guaranteed with the UNICAJA BANK PLC due to the volume of business they handle hence you can make the transfers without trace to your local accounts.

I will want you to immediately contact UNICAJA BANK PLC with the details below requesting them to furnish you details on how to set up an account that can accommodate $45,000,000,00 Usd.

TEL:+44 7031936952
FAX:+44 7005931516

Follow up on this immediately as our attorney will be submitting the profit pay out application form immediately. Please do not screw us up by running away with this money, I have not met you in person but we have put on you a great task. I have always trusted my instincts and right now it reassures me that you are a trusted person. I am open to friendship and away from business will look forward to meeting you in person soon after this whole tide dies down.

Do have a great day and keep me posted with relevant information on the details of the account you will be setting up with UNICAJA BANK PLC, so the attorney can present the receving coordinates to our bankers for onward crediting of the account with due funds. Please make no mention of my name in your correspondence with the bank.

Mark Madoff

P.S: Kindly send a form of identification in your next mail because it is very imperative for this project.I will not proceed further without identifying you.

Last email

1 Portland Street,
Manchester, United Kingdom
Tax Identification Number G-29498086.
Rc No: 1026167

Hello: Firstname Lastname,

Thank you for contacting Unicaja Online 24hrs banking services. With reference to your email do find below three of our banking products that can accommodate the amount you have indicated in your inquiry.

Foreign Business Class Account:

** 24 hours Access to Funds
** High Interest Margin (0.7%)
** No limit On Deposit Amount
** No Limit On Withdrawal Amount
** Set up Fee: $200 Usd
** Initial Running Deposit: $720.00 Usd
** 24 hours Online Access

Foreign Domiciliary Account:

** Reduced Taxation (5%)
** 24 hours Access to Funds
** High Interest Margin (14%)
** No limit On Deposit Amount
** No Limit On Withdrawal Amount
** Set up Fee: $200 Usd
** Initial Running Deposit: $1,700 Usd
** 24 hours Online Access

Foreign Platinum Account

** Reduced Taxation (2.1%)
** 24 hours Access to Funds
** High Interest Margin (18%)
** No limit On Deposit Amount
** No Limit On Withdrawal Amount
** Set up Fee: $200 Usd
** Initial Running Deposit: $2,700 Usd
** 24 hours Online Access

It is mandatory and unavoidable that the Account holder on completion of Account Set Up makes available a refundable initial running deposit as indicated by their chosen banking option, before any external deposits can be accepted in to their account.

Account opening forms will be furnished you online as soon as you get back to us with your preferred option and satisfy its setup requirements.


The required payment to setup your desired account(Initial Running Deposit) should be credited to the below Bank representative by Western Union Money Transfer:

Name: Sandra J. Harry
Address: 1 Portland Street Manchester (United Kingdom)

On completion of the remittance do have my office informed with the below:

Senders Name:
Mtcn Number:
An official Identification of your person.

Do have a great day as we anticipate your swift response.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Pedro Sanchez
For Unicaja Bank Plc.

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